The story of Stephanie


In 2013, Stephanie Fellen decided to quit her job in the chemical industry to follow her passion for fashion. From her desk at home, she founded her own start-up, Made&More, an online store dedicated to slow-fashion.  Because she knows that loving fashion doesn't mean we need to conform to questionable production conditions, her aim is to support European artisans and to trigger fashion-consciousness among consumers.


“Something that you should keep in mind everyday is that you are your own limits” 


This journey led her to strongly believe that she could achieve anything and to encourage others, whose jobs are not fulfilling, to challenge themselves and pursue their true passion. "I quit my job because of a dream, of a passion and because I really needed to give a meaning to my everyday life and job", she said. "I started alone, I envisioned all that, and today, I can really say that nothing is impossible. Something that you should keep in mind everyday is that you are your own limits".


Stéphanie’s bag


Because she is always on the move and she needs to carry all her work essentials, her choice goes to the First. "My life is different everyday. Today I could be travelling to meet suppliers then have a meeting with the team before starting a new campaign. Tomorrow, I could be visiting a potential pop-up store", Stéphanie explained. She needs a clever and reliable bag to follow her everyday, with no compromise on style and elegance.



Stephanie Fellen from Made&More for #YebaWomen