"Thea Jewelry will celebrate its five-year anniversary this December", announced Emilie Duchêne with pride. It all started at the birth of Thea, her first daughter. Emilie wanted to celebrate this special moment of her life with a nice piece of jewelry. But she couldn’t find anything on the market that felt right, with the right writing, the right shade of gold and the right fineness. She designed many others for friends and family who loved the concept, which led her to think she could turn it into a lifetime project. Very enthusiastic, she founded her brand: Thea Jewelry. Emilie's purpose is to create a community and to emotionally connect with her followers. Through the tagline “Celebrate Life More”, her pieces are symbols of the uniqueness and the beauty of our moments in life, whether happy or sad. With her philosophy, Thea found rapidly much enthousiasm and was able to quickly spread internationally.


“Every opportunity is a chance to grow and learn” 


In this video, Emilie Duchêne speaks about her jump into the entrepreneurial world with unbeatable positivity. "What is interesting is that it is a personal challenge. It is large in every sense of the word." she says. To her, the journey is much more important than the destination. There are no bad experiences since every opportunity is a chance to grow and to learn about yourself or about the professional world. "I think that people tend to limit themselves because they are afraid of failing. But we have to keep in mind that we can do it. And even if we fail, it doesn't matter, in the end we will have learn a lot".


Emilie's bag


Her choice for Yeba's Signature bag in Volcano reflects her taste for fashionable pieces with strong graphic lines. She also needs practical bag. "I can't go without a strap, I need to have my hands free!", she explains.  Our Signature bag is thus perfectly suited for her very busy lifestyle, whether it is to work or in the week-ends.



Emilie Duchêne from Thea Jewelry for #YebaWomen