Nathalie Dumont is Chief Executive Officer of Karott, a Communication Agency specialised in Health and Nutrition she co-founded 9 years ago with two associates. This incredibly elegant woman is actually a pure Scientist. Fascinated by Science since childhood, she has studied Pharmacy and hold her own Pharmacy in the prestigious neighbourhood of Sablon in Brussels for years. Convinced that we can all have several lives, she decided to pursue another passion: writing. She became a scientific journalist, acquired some experience until she had the opportunity to embody the role of editor-in-chief of a health magazine - combining both her knowledge in Sciences and her passion for writing. Life being full opportunities, on her way, she met her future associates who joined her to found “Karott", a new type of Communication Agency specialised in Health and Nutrition.


“We have to believe in ourselves to go as far as possible” 


When she looks backwards to her path , Nathalie realizes that we can truly achieve anything: "We can envision anything, we have to believe in ourselves to go as far as possible, because it's us, because it's in us", she says.


Nathalie's bag


Nathalie needs a bag to follow her in her professional life, a bag made with thoughtful sophistication. That is why she chose the First; a bag which both exudes femininity and fulfills the needs of the busy woman she is.



Nathalie Dumont from Karott for #YebaWomen